City Island Fiction Writers:

A collection of aspiring and published writers who gather to discuss and critique submissions of fellow writers.

Each week two(2) writers submit material (short story, play, novel, novella, screenplay) for critique the following week. During the critique the author is not allowed to speak/comment until all other attendees have finished their critique.

Submission Requirements:

  1. 1)Must be a work of fiction.

  2. 2)Submissions are limited to twenty(20) pages.

  3. 3)Each submission must end with “The End” or “To Be Continued” as appropriate.

  4. 4)Submissions that are part of a longer format should include a synopsis of previous chapters/sections.

  5. 5)Submissions are limited to once every four weeks (exceptions only with moderator approval).

  6. 6)Two(2) printed copies of the submission must be placed in the CIFW folder on the day of scheduled submission (do not staple copies!).

  7. 7)DO NOT REMOVE OR MARK SUBMISSIONS FROM THE LIBRARY FOLDER! They are intended for in-library reading only.

Structure of Submissions

  1. 1)Double spaced

  2. 2)2.5cm (one inch) borders

  3. 3)First word of paragraph indented, single sided

  4. 4)12-14 font, Times New Roman or equivalent

  5. 5)First pages of chapters start approximately 1/2 way down the page